The Zedmed Solution

Zedmed is fully integrated and fully featured, providing both doctor and administrative staff with the ability to work quicker and smarter than ever before.

A Complete Solution

Zedmed is the ideal clinical and office management solution. It has all the features you need for efficient management and information flow.

Zedmed is highly modular to suit the needs of every user. Renowned for products that provide stability and ease of use, this company has delivered comprehensive, integrated and intuitive solutions to the medical profession for nearly 40 years.

A Stable Solution

Your data is immensely valuable and it's integrity must be maintained. This stability and reliablilty is a key advantage of Zedmed and also assists in providing a smooth working environment, which ensures ease-of-use and increased productivity in your practice. With nearly 40 years of database experience and maturity, Zedmed provides the software solution with one of the most robust databases in the market.

A Tailored Solution

From a single specialist, to multi-site GP practices, Zedmed is built to expand without limits. Zedmed provides customisable features integrated with a complete solution: from 'Doctor's Favorite Options' to 'Appointment Types'. It is a simple, intuitive and effective solution. And, with a full audit trail and password hierarchy, Zedmed is the scaleable, customisable and secure solution that tailors to each individual user's needs.

Clinical Features
o Problem Oriented Clinical Notes & Patient Historyo Immunisation Historyo Medications & Prescribing
o Automatic Observation & Measurement Table Updates o NPCC Reports o AIR Online Transmission
o ECG,Image & Document Storing Facility in Patient File o Briefcasing (Mobile Laptop Functionality) o Recalls
o Electronic Results Inbox o Doctor To Do List o Scanning
o Referrals o Chronic Disease Management & Aged Care Plans o Batch Letter Writer
o Customisable Templates o Fully Integrated with Zedmed Office o MIMs Integration
Office Features
o Patient Informationo Recallso Task Manager
o Appointments o Letters o Customisable Document Templates
o Waiting Room o Comprehensive Reporting o Banking & Billing
o Receipting Including Medicare Online o Internal Email Messaging o Fully Integrated with Zedmed Clinical