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We're excited to announce that Zedmed Version 30 has completed its pilot phase and is now available as a FREE update for all Zedmed subscribers.  

Click on the below button to be taken to the customer portal where you can download the V30 upgrade files and full release notes.  If you need assistance, documentation on how to update Zedmed can be found here.

If you need further assistance, our friendly support team are available on 1300 933 000, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, or Saturday's 9am to 1pm.

Version 30 is the first in a series of major releases we are working on, bringing a host of new features and functionality to Zedmed. Scroll on down for more information on the highlights of this release, as well as a preview of the exciting things we'll be bringing to you next!

Zedmed V30 Files & Release Notes

Version 30 has now been updated to V30.0.7 to resolve a number of issues.  The issues fixed are:

  • Fixed an error that occurred when editing a manual batch using the include/exclude button.
  • Patient file numbers on the Appointment List report are now shown in full. 
  • Fixed scrollbars in Clinical Intramail.
  • Resolved an issue importing HL7 results messages containing CDA documents.
  • The paper type for Appointment List report is now A4.
  • Restored history option to Appointment List report.
  • Fixed a problem where unallocated credits were showing incorrectly in the Payments screen.  This also fixed the problem where users were unable to issue refunds.
  • Fixed Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) support for scanners that support it. Both Twain and WIA (Windows Imaging API) scanners are now supported.
  • Fixed SMS tick on appointment report, so it only displays if an SMS appointment reminder has been sent to the patient.
  • Fixed the integration with certain Spirometers.
  • Fixed an error when creating a new item validity period.
  • The referral doctor search form is now hidden once referral doctor is created.
  • Fixed errors creating referral doctors from new referral.
  • Fixed problem where pressing 'p' key in pregnancy notes brought up the help window.
  • Fixed SQL error when searching for referral doctors with ' in their names.

The Zedmed V30 update file has been updated to incorporate these changes.

Surgical Procedures Lists

Designed in consultation with our specialist clients, the new Surgical Procedures Lists module (also known as Theatre Lists) allows for efficient management of surgical theatre bookings and administration.  Fully customisable, what once could take hours to complete can now be done in minutes!

Surgical Procedures Lists

Visual Enhancements

The Zedmed codebase has been updated, allowing us to make significant updates to Zedmed visually and make it feel more fresh and modern.  Highlights of these updates include:

  • Updated icons, buttons, menus and reports.
  • Updated colour palette - no more pastel
  • In coming releases, we'll be making more UX changes to streamline certain screens and workflows.
Complete visual upgrade

Flexi Reporting - Custom Practice Reporting

With Flexi Reporting you can create custom reports, allowing you to better understand your patient's needs and your practice's performance.  An invaluable tool in practice management and decision making and highlights the increased importance data plays in our day-to-day operations.

Flexi Reporting

Zedmed API Framework

Zedmed now comes with a built in API framework.  Designed with the development community in mind, the API framework makes integrating third-party applications with Zedmed faster, easier and more secure.  For more information or if wish to commence an integration project please drop us a line at info@zedmed.com.au.

What's Next...

Version 30 is a great step forward, and we're already planning for Version 31 to take us even further still.  Work is already underway, and we're putting a lot of focus on making it easier to access Zedmed anywhere, any time, starting with the Zedmed Doctors App.  We're adding in accounting integration, improving user experience, and finally, the long-requested two-way SMS will be released!  See the below for more information.

Zedmed Office Sign

The Zedmed Doctor's App

Access key features of Zedmed anytime, anywhere.  Including appointment info, patient clinical histories, results and recalls.  Coming Q4 2018.  This is one of the first steps in a series of developments designed to facilitate ease of access to Zedmed.

Doctors App

Integration with Major Accounting Applications

For easier management of your practice's finances, Zedmed will integrate with the major cloud-based accounting applications.

Accounting Integration

Two-Way SMS

Enhance your patient communication with two-way SMS.  Cut down on no-shows, answer basic questions and be more engaged with your patients.

Two-way SMS
Zedmed Version 30
What's New

Version 30 is the first in a series of major releases we are working on, bringing a host of new features and functionality to Zedmed.  Major features releases include Surgical Procedures Lists (The ...
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