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Zedmed Version 31.2 is now available!

This release includes a number of bug fixes and improvements to Zedmed.

The key highlights of V31.2 include:

  • 2-way SMS for Media Message
  • New vaccines added to the list of available vaccinations in Zedmed, including Fluad - Quad
  • Improved logging of the DBOptim process to help with diagnosing issues
  • Users without Prescriptions security function no longer able to re-prescribe
  • Fix to issue with "400 Microsoft XML is not installed" error when prescribing with real time prescription monitoring (NDE) enabled
  • Fix to Upgrader to prevent cancellation if SYSDBA password change is not made
  • Fix to SMS where a space in reply doesn't link appointment
  • Removed incomplete RXO and RXR fields on HR7 messages that are causing transmission to fail when using Argus

Watch the video below for an update on Version 31 and upcoming features and product releases.


Version 31

Version 31 contains significant functional, security and performance updates, including over 300 bug fixes and improvements to Zedmed.

Watch the video below to learn more about the key features of Version 31.


Security Updates in V31

Zedmed Version 31 includes a large number of security updates that you need to be aware of. 

Full details of these security updates, along with details of all the updates are available in the V31.2 release notes, which you can download by clicking the below button. We highly recommend you read these notes before upgrading your Zedmed.

Download V31.2 Upgrade Here

Zedmed V31.2 Release Notes

Version 31 Key highlights include:

2-way SMS

  • Patients will now be able to directly reply to appointment reminder messages


  • Office now includes a notification list on the right-hand side, including Intramail and SMS


  • Clinical now has the ability to check a patient’s prescription against the SafeScript or National Data Exchange database


  • The SYSDBA password is now specific to each site
  • The MEDIPAK user has been disabled and can no longer be used to log into the software
  • Improved user password management, including minimum complexity rules and expiry

Updated vaccinations

  • Nimenrix now displays in schedule for 4vMenCV, and the MenB vaccination schedule for South Australia has been corrected

MBS items updates

Added heart health check to observations

  • Doctors will now be able to record and track Patient’s Heart Risk % via Observations

64bit Firebird Support

  • The Version 31 upgrade will now install the 64bit version of the Firebird database engine to improve performance on sites with heavy database usage or a large number of users

Zedmed now requires .Net Framework 4.6.2.

  • Upgrader will now check to ensure that .Net Framework 4.6.2 is installed

Usage tracking

  • Zedmed will collect anonymous statistics to allow us to improve the software
  • No personal or patient information is sent with these statistics

HL7 Support

  • Zedmed now supports HL7 OBX segments with JPEG, PNG and TIFF images in the ED data type
  • Referral message content will include a PDF rather than an RTF

Security Upgrade

  • Minimum password requirements
  • Password expiry
  • Tighter database security
  • Removal of global passwords

Two-Way SMS

Enhance your patient communication with two-way SMS.  Cut down on no-shows, answer basic questions and be more engaged with your patients.

Two-way SMS

Integration with Major Accounting Applications

For easier management of your practice's finances, Zedmed will integrate with the major cloud-based accounting applications.

Version 31

Some of the highlights include:

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