The Zedmed Doctor's App

The Zedmed Doctor's App is now available for iOS and Android.  You can now view your appointments, results, clinical histories and recalls whenever you want, wherever you want.

This first release brings key functionality to your fingertips but we're not stopping here.  The Doctor's App is the first release in a planned series of product releases that will give you the ultimate freedom to practice how you want when you want.

The app is designed to be used alongside the Zedmed desktop product, giving you the best of both worlds, with the rich, deep functionality of Zedmed and the quick, streamlined convenience of the Doctor's App

Requires Zedmed V30.2 and above.

Download the latest Zedmed
  • View appointments, results, clinical histories and recalls.
  • Key information at your fingertips, wherever you are, whenever you need it.
  • Highly secure, with multi-factor authentication of devices.  Patient privacy is the highest priority!
  • Free for Zedmed subscribers.

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Setting up the Doctor's App in your practice

The Zedmed Doctor's App uses multiple layers of security to ensure your data and patient privacy are protected.  To authorise your app to work at your practice:

  1. First, call Zedmed on 1300 933 000 and we'll install the Doctor's App API your server alongside your Zedmed installation, we'll also register that your practice is using the app.  This doesn't require you to stop working or restart Zedmed.
  2. When you first open the app, it will ask you to scan a QR code.  This is accessed through the Zedmed desktop installation.
  3. You then log in to the app with your standard Zedmed username and password.  This will confirm your identity and permissions within the practice.
  4. Finally, we confirm that your device is correctly linked to you using an SMS authorisation.

Once the initial authorisation is complete, you can use either your Zedmed credentials or a pin number generated through the app, to easily log in to the Doctor's App for day-to-day use.

The videos below walk through the initial setup of the App.

Try It For Yourself

The Doctor's App is designed to be used in conjunction with your practice's Zedmed installation, but you can try the app first by using preview mode.

Preview mode is accessible from the QR capture screen, which appears when you first open the app after installing it.  Look for the red 'Enter Preview Mode' button below the capture square.  Press that and you can view how the app works using a sample database.

To exit preview mode, click on the menu icon and choose 'reset'.

qr code screen

Functional Overview

In this video, the Zedmed training team take you for a guided tour of the key features of the new Zedmed Doctor's App.  Now you can view your appointments, results, recalls and patient histories wherever and whenever you want!

Desktop Setup

The Zedmed training team go through the setup steps required on a PC desktop to prepare a practice to use the Doctor's App.  These steps are necessary to allow an App user to link their device with the practice's installation of Zedmed and start receiving information and will generally be managed by the practice's Practice Manager or a member of the reception team.  

Phone Setup

In this video, the Zedmed training team outline the steps required to set up the Doctor's App on a phone for the first time.  These steps are necessary to ensure the app maintains the highest level of security for your patients' sensitive data, and involve scanning a QR code at your practice and then further confirming your identity through an SMS authorisation.  Once you've completed this initial authorisation you then log in to the app very simply using either your Zedmed login credentials or a pin that the app will prompt you to create.

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