Zedmed free ePrescribing edition

We’re offering a special edition of Zedmed for free during the Covid-19 outbreak to enable practices to use the new ePrescribing functionality. Read on for more information and to register for access.


How to access the Zedmed Free ePrescribing Edition

Register your practice details in the below form.
When the free ePrescribing edition is ready for release, we’ll send you download details. We are aiming for this to be available in late June.
When you receive a notification via email, follow the provided directions to install and setup Zedmed.
Watch and read the training materials to guide you through enabling and using ePrescribing, and basic Zedmed functionality.
You can now freely use Zedmed to ePrescribe through the Covid-19 outbreak.
At the end of the outbreak, the free edition will be deactivated. We obviously have no current date for this but you will get plenty of notice.

What is this and why are we doing it? 



What is the Zedmed ePrescribing edition?

This special release is based on the Zedmed Version 32, and focuses on providing practices with access to the brand new ePrescribing function. Originally this functionality was to be made available towards the end of 2020, however the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown measures prompted the ADHA, in conjunction with the Federal Government, to implement a fast-track program to bring ePrescribing to market as soon as possible. We’re now offering this functionality, free of charge, to practices who don’t yet have access to ePrescribing functionality or who have previously been paper based.

What else should I know before using the ePrescribing functionality?

The medical industry is currently in the early stages of the rollout of ePrescribing. In order to accelerate the delivery of ePrescribing, industry participants across all points of the prescribing chain have collaborated alongside various Government and peak bodies to deliver a complete solution.

It is important to note that while ePrescribing is progressively being rolled out across medical practices and pharmacies, it is not an immediate process. There will be a transitionary period of time when dispensing software is still to be updated at many pharmacies, and many patients will be unaware of the ePrescribing option. We therefore encourage any practice looking to utilise ePrescribing to communicate with their nearby pharmacies to understand their readiness, and talk to their patients to inform them of this option.    


Who can receive this free edition?

Any practice or individual who registers for the free edition can receive it. Due to legislative restrictions, we will send make it available first to Vic and NSW, and then to the other states as this becomes possible.

What else do I need?

You will need a MIMS subscription to access the drugs database (mims.com.au), and you will need to be connected to either of the prescription exchanges (eRx or Medisecure). Zedmed will cover the cost of the MIMS subscription.

When will the free edition stop working?

We haven’t set a hard date for when we will deactivate this version of Zedmed, it will be based on the ending of the Covid-19 outbreak and the easing of lockdown restrictions. We will give you notice for when we can put a date to this, and provide options for continuing use of Zedmed if you wish to.

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