Zedmed Cloud

The best of Zedmed, with no compromise

Zedmed Cloud brings you the rich functionality and performance of the application, with the flexibility to access the product anytime, anywhere.

Zedmed Cloud uses a Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS).

Get the benefits of Cloud with none of the compromises that other SaaS products bring.


  • Power, speed and functionality of the Zedmed application without the need for hosting on-premise

  • Flexibility to access the product anytime, anywhere and work remotely via an internet connection

  • Remove expensive IT infrastructure and costs

  • Eliminate the time and cost of IT staff or external contractors to repair and troubleshoot server issues

  • No risk of potential theft or damage to the server

  • No environmental dangers that could cause damage to the hardware

  • Easy transition and ability to convert practice data from most major competitors


  • Data is hosted and secured within ISO27001 data centres

  • All product updates, backups, disaster recovery and general maintenance is performed by Zedmed, including MIMS and ICPC updates

  • Cloud hosting provides enhanced security and data protection

Zedmed Cloud is a very different model from competitors web based solutions that are limited to a browsers capabilities in speed and functionality. Zedmed Cloud uses the same front end interface practices you currently have with the back-end handled by cloud hosting saving you IT management time and costs.

Can I transfer to Zedmed Cloud from another system?

Zedmed has a skilled team that can convert practice data from most major competitors. If you're an existing Zedmed user, the transition to Zedmed Cloud is as simple as migrating your data to a new server.

Will you still support Zedmed's on-premise product?

Zedmed and Zedmed Cloud use the same codebase and will be updated and developed simultaneously. The existing Zedmed product will take advantage of the code efficiency optimisations that are underway and perform better than ever.

When will Zedmed Cloud be available?

Zedmed Cloud will be available by the end of Q1 2022. To register your interest and receive updates, please complete the form below.

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