Zedmed Version 30.2.5 Released

6 May, 2019
Posted in: Product release
Zedmed V30

Available Now!

We're excited to announce that Zedmed Version 30 is now available as a FREE update for all Zedmed subscribers.  

Visit the customer portal where you can download the V30 upgrade files and full release notes.  If you need assistance, documentation on how to update Zedmed can be found here.

If you need further assistance, our friendly support team are available on 1300 933 000, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, or Saturday's 9am to 1pm.

Update - Version 30.2.5 released.

  • Result Enhancement - PDFs
    Users will now have the ability to add PDF documents to Results directly, bypassing the Results Inbox, through the "paperclip" icon in the Results tab.
  • Scanning module now able to import PDFs
    Users will now be able to import PDFs as part of the Scanning module. Users will also be able to view, save and attach PDF documents added in the Scan Module to a patient file as an incoming document, result or general image.
  • Provider usage data now sent to Zedmed
    The Zedmed application will now securely send practice provider user counts back to Zedmed.
  • Doctor's App Error
    Fixed the issue where users are presented with a URL Error on login. This only affected iOS devices where Clinic codes were not 3 digits. Note: The Zedmed API service will have to be reinstalled to apply this patch. Please contact Zedmed support for assistance with this.
  • Office Enhancement
    Improved speed when opening Claims view in Patient Details of Zedmed Office.
  • Fixed deleted message issue in Intramail
    Fixed problem where after deleting a message in Intramail it would still display the message text from the previously deleted message. Messages are now correctly refreshing after a deletion.
  • Appointment Waiting List count is now correct
    Clicking a column header will now sort by that column. Sorting order for Doctors is now by Surname then First Name.
  • Spell Check in Clinical
    Fixed the error on Clinical Patient Encounter when leaving spell checker open for longer than 1 minute.
  • Fixed visibility of Batch Letter Writer buttons.
    Fixed Batch Letter Writer’s Template Selection window to fully display all bottom buttons. 
  • Attachment File Limit Increase 
  • Increase the attachment file limits. Allow the user to optionally choose to add/discard the attached file
  • Cancellation Wait List Appointment details now updating
    When an Appointment is created from Cancellation Waiting List, the creation user, date and time are now updating to be current and not based on the original user, date or time.
  • Fixed Attend Appointment Status
    Error is not longer presented when attempting to change the status of a Linked Appointment to Attended
  • Fixed Quick Report “already exists” error
    Resolved the issue caused by quick, repeated clicks of buttons that trigger the viewing or the printing of the report, before the actual action that is linked to that button has completely been executed
  • Create Batches Invoice Header
    Re-enabled selection of invoice header type for manual 3rd party batches
  • Fixed Copy/Paste Appointment Details
    When a past appointment is copied and pasted into a future appointment slot, the date and time will now be updated to current and not as per the original appointment.

A note on why we're checking provider numbers...

As part of the 30.2.5 release, we've included the ability for Zedmed to check on the number of providers that are accessing your Zedmed environment.  We are doing this for a number of reasons: 

  • Understanding the number of users of Zedmed is critical in ensuring we are accurately billing our clients.  The revenue from which drives our ongoing development and support services.
  • We are working more and more closely with key regulatory and legislative bodies, such as the ADHA, and State and Federal governments.  Our involvement in the initiatives these bodies offer, such as the recent industry offer that provides funding for the further development of secure messaging, relies on us being able to continually, accurately represent Zedmed’s userbase.

The method we’re utilising to introduce this feature is secure and unobtrusive.  It sends us some very basic information, all of which remains on-shore, private, and no information about your patients, staff, or any other element of your practice is transmitted.  All we get are the number of providers you have using your system.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to bringing version 31 to your practice soon!

V30 release highlights

  • A full visual overhaul, for a more modern, fresh feel.
  • Surgical Procedures lists, for the efficient management of theatre bookings.
  • Flexi reporting updates, for customisable reporting of your practice's performance. 
  • API framework implementation, for easier co-development and integration with Zedmed.

More details are available at the V30 feature page.