Established in 1993 HealthLink is a health-system integrator, enabling medical practices to communicate electronically with the rest of the health system.  By exchanging clinical information healthcare providers become more efficient and they are able to improve the quality of care they can provide their patients.

International studies have shown that 30% of clinicians’ time is spent on managing patient information.  By providing seamless links between clinical systems, HealthLink is reducing this and is improving the quality of information that is provided as patients move across the healthcare delivery continuum.

HealthLink provides a computer communications system that links the information technology systems of more than 15,500 medical organisations across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Island nations and Canada.

Each year more than 80 million pieces of clinical information are exchanged using the HealthLink system. 

HealthLink provides nearly all of the clinical communications used in New Zealand and is the largest provider of clinical messaging services in Australia.

The company’s core focus is on ensuring that electronic communication processes are put in place to give patients certainty that their information has been appropriately handled. This is achieved by ensuring that the systems are 100% reliable and secure. 

Healthlink enable the electronic delivery of pathology and radiology results and discharge summaries. HealthLink also provides a large managed security infrastructure and is a pioneer in the development of ‘cloud-based’ online forms technology that is used for ordering pathology services and for referring patients to hospitals and other secondary care services.


Phone: 1800 125 036
Address: Level 17, 9 Castereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000