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For GPs and primary care providers

Keep your practice in check by choosing Tyro EFTPOS integrated with Zedmed. With Tyro and Zedmed, you can experience:

Integrated with Zedmed, Tyro EFTPOS machines bring you fast transactions, easier reconciliation at day’s end, reduced keying errors, and less time and money spent on practice admin.

Medicare claims

A crowded waiting room is less of a headache for everyone with integrated Medicare Easyclaim. It only takes 11 seconds to process a patient’s Medicare rebate straight out of your EFTPOS. Just like that, 11 seconds and done.


With Tyro HealthPoint, you can process private health claims in just under 4.5 seconds for 98% of Australia’s insured population. Perfect for specialists and allied Health providers, or anyone who accepts private insurance payments.

All doctors, one EFTPOS

Reception staff love it, practitioners do too. You can register multiple doctors on one machine, so there’s no swapping between systems while juggling busy practice needs. Payments go to the correct practitioner’s bank account without the double-handling, and there’s less risk of administrative error.

How do I find out more about Tyro and Zedmed?
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