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November 29, 2018
MIMS for Zedmed December Update

UPDATE - 3rd December 1312

The below error has been corrected, MIMS for December is available once again.


UPDATE - 3rd December 0817

We received a notification late on Friday, 30th November, that the December update for MIMS requires an update to make a critical correction in the dosage section of Panadol (Children) Liquid Formulations. 

The affected formulations are:

  • Panadol (Children) 1 month - 2 years Colourfree Baby Drops
    • Ages and dose volumes
  • Panadol (Children) 5 - 12 years Elixir
    • Ages and dose volumes
  • Panadol (Children) 5 - 12 years Colourfree Suspension

We are currently updating the MIMS for Zedmed with this correction.  The December file will be available by the end of the day today, 3rd December.


The MIMS update for December 2018 is now available.  Please follow the following steps to install this update:

  1. You MUST be on your Zedmed database Server
  2. Download the MIMS file for Zedmed
  3. Save the file to Desktop or other known location (It may take 30 - 60 minutes depending on your internet connection)
  4. Ensure all users LOG OUT of the Zedmed Clinical System
  5. Double click on the file downloaded and apply the password provided by MIMS.  Call MIMS on 1800 800 629 or (02) 9902 7770 to obtain the password.

Click here to download MIMS for all versions of Zedmed.