Zedmed Version 30 Released - Updated 14/1

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January 14, 2019
Zedmed V30

Available Now!

We're excited to announce that Zedmed Version 30 has completed its pilot phase and is now available as a FREE update for all Zedmed subscribers.  

Visit the customer portal where you can download the V30 upgrade files and full release notes.  If you need assistance, documentation on how to update Zedmed can be found here.

If you need further assistance, our friendly support team are available on 1300 933 000, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, or Saturday's 9am to 1pm.

Update - Version 30.0.10 released.

  • Taking a long time to launch 3rd party clinical applications - Exploratory fix for a problem where 3rd party clinical software integrations were running very slowly.  
  • Description column too small in Drop-Down List Management if there are many branches - Inactive branches are no longer displayed in this screen.
  • Added logging to the ECLIPSE - ERA process - This additional logging has been added to allow us to better diagnose any issues in this area.
  • 'Billed' icon missing from waiting screen - Warning icon, coins (for paid status) and exclamation marks (for priority) restored to the waiting room.
  • Issues with Drown-Down List Management Screen - Fixed an issue experienced by some sites who have a 2 letter branch code.
  • Debtor Report - Fast Report totals overlapping - Reduced font size of totals on debtors report so they are less likely to overlap when totals are large.

Other additions:

  • The Waiting Room Display has been improved by moving many buttons to the top of the window and updating the navigation icons.

Update - Version 30.0.9 released.

  • Auto Receipting for Eclipse not working - Fixed a problem where the dialogue asking whether to auto-receipt was not being displayed after the ERA report was displayed.  
  • Enter key not initiating a search for a drug in MIMS - Pressing Enter will now search in the drug search screen, CTRL-Z and CTRL-Y now work for undo and redo on Script Details Screen. 
  • Unable to update SMS messages in certain situations - Fixed FireDAC error displayed when opening the SMS configuration window or saving updates to the messages.
  • Credits displaying incorrectly in payment enquiry - Fixed issue where Unallocated Credit amounts were incorrectly displaying against all receipts in the payment enquiry.
  • Issue with Zedmed operating alongside 3rd party programs - Opening a patient in Medical Director or Best Practice from Zedmed will now function if the software is closed and restarted.
  • Issue with certain time zone settings - Fixed a time zone error when running Zedmed Clinical.
  • Scanned documents having a lower DPI in V30 compared to V29 - Fixed an issue with scan quality of Black & White scans in Clinical.  We now support Windows Image Acquisition 
  • Batch Letter Writer dialogue too small and obscures some buttons - Set a minimum size on the Batch Letter Writer so that the View Letter, Edit Letter and Write Letter buttons are visible without having to resize the window

Other additions:

  • Added 3-months, 6-months, 9-months and Year buttons to the appointment grid to facilitate easier navigation of the screen.
  • We've included an eRx PKI certificate update that will run during the upgrade. 

Update - Version 30.0.7 released.

  • Fixed an error when editing a manual batch using the include/exclude button.
  • Patient file numbers on the Appointment List report are now shown in full. 
  • Fixed scrollbars in Clinical Intramail.
  • Resolved an issue importing hl7 results messages containing CDA documents.
  • The paper type for Appointment List report is now A4.
  • Restored history option to Appointment List report.
  • Fixed a problem where unallocated credits were showing incorrectly in the Payments screen.  This also fixed the problem where users were unable to issue refunds.
  • Fixed Automatic Document Feeder (ADF ) support for scanners that support it. Both Twain and WIA (Windows Imaging API) scanners are now supported.
  • Fixed SMS tick on appointment report, so it only displays if an SMS appointment reminder has been sent to the patient.
  • Fixed the integration with certain Spirometers.
  • Fixed an error when creating a new item validity period.
  • The referral doctor search form is now hidden once referral doctor is created.
  • Fixed errors creating referral doctors from new referral.
  • Fixed problem where pressing 'p' key in pregnancy notes brought up the help window.
  • Fixed SQL error when searching for referral doctors with ' in their names.

Update - Version 30.0.6 released.

An update to version 30 has been released to resolve a number of issues users have been experiencing.  The issues fixed are:

  • When patients are actioned (waiting room, attending, billing etc.), some sites have reported that sometimes they will be updated on only one computer rather than all the practice's computers.  With this fix, updates made on one computer for a patient will now correctly display on all other computers within the practice.  We believe this update will resolve some hanging/freezing issues some sites have reported.
  • Delete and Tab keys not working or not working as expected in Messages (IntraMail)Intramail scroll side missing in the edit screen/read display.
  • "List index out of bounds error" exception when billing Assistant Doctor.
  • EasyClaim Store and Forward raises Protocol Error – please contact Zedmed support if you need to fix existing transactions that have not been transmitted.
  • Unable to defer or print a deferred invoice where indication flags have been selected for service items.


Version 30 is the first in a series of major releases we are working on, bringing a host of new features and functionality to Zedmed. Scroll on down for more information on the highlights of this release, as well as a preview of the exciting things we'll be bringing to you next!

New release highlights

  • A full visual overhaul, for a more modern, fresh feel.
  • Surgical Procedures lists, for the efficient management of theatre bookings.
  • Flexi reporting updates, for customisable reporting of your practice's performance. 
  • API framework implementation, for easier co-development and integration with Zedmed.

More details are available at the V30 feature page.