Zedmed Support for SafeScript and the West Vic PHN trial

27 September, 2018
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Zedmed is supporting the SafeScript initiative.  Safescript is computer software that allows prescription records for some high-risk medicines to be transmitted in real-time to a centralised database which can then be accessed by doctors and pharmacists during a consultation.

Find out more about SafeSCript at the below link:

SafeScript Information Page

Zedmed will be providing support for SafeScript as part of the Version 30 release, due to go into pilot at the start of October, with general release in November.  Once you have it installed, the SafeScript software on your computer will prompt you for any prescription of medication within the SafeScript database.

As part of the SafeScript rollout, the initiative will be trialled in the Western Victorian Primary Health Network on the 2nd of October.  It will then roll out across the rest of Victoria early in 2019.

After an initial transition phase, it will soon be mandatory for you to check SafeScript before prescribing certain restricted medicines.

Invitations to register for SafeScript were sent to practitioners within the Western Victoria Primary Health Network in August. Practitioners whose primary place of practice recorded with AHPRA is outside the WPHN are still welcome to register by going to - https://register.safescript.vic.gov.au  

To set up SafeScript

Before you start
Check if you have a barcode printed on your prescriptions. If not, ensure your prescribing software is connected to a Prescription Exchange Service (PES) by contacting eRx on 1300 700 921, MediSecure on 1800 472 747 or SafeScript technical support on 1800 723 379.

Step 1
Install the updated version of your prescribing software on each of your computers used for prescribing. As mentioned above, Zedmed will start supporting SafeScript from version 30, which is being released to pilot in the first week of October.  Visit zedmed.com.au for more details on obtaining this release.

Step 2
Ensure you, or an IT Administrator has arranged to install the SafeScript Notification App on each of your computers used for prescribing. 

Step 3
Ensure all prescribers in the practice have registered for SafeScript so they have access to the system from October 2018.

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