Jun 03 2020

First e-Prescription

Today Zedmed achieved a major milestone, with our first e-Prescription being prescribed and dispensed through a live telehealth consultation between a GP and a patient.

The prescription was between Medical One Sydenham and Care Plus Sydenham using Fred Dispense, and the test proved how simple, seamless and convenient the functionality will be for patients, practitioners and pharmacists alike.

Jun 03 2020

ePrescribing is coming soon

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Australian Government has fast-tracked the delivery of electronic prescribing (ePrescribing) to help practitioners protect people most at-risk in our community from exposure to COVID-19.

Zedmed is part of this fast-tracking program and will be releasing this functionality in Version 32, which is scheduled for release in early May.

What is ePrescribing?