Oct 23 2021

Version 33.11 - Available Now!

Zedmed Version 33.11 is now available for download.

All customers are strongly encouraged to implement this upgrade as soon as possible to ensure that Zedmed support continues securely and efficiently.

This release contains the following important updates:

TeamViewer 15 Upgrade
• Critical security features to maintain Zedmed support

Oct 23 2021

Version 33.9 - Available Now!

Zedmed Version 33.9 is now available for download.

This release resolves the issue with opening the AIR Management window in Office.

The Upgrader will no longer change the updated_date of existing immunisation records. For practices already on Version 33.8, it will set the updated_date to the same as the imm_datetime. It will only do this when:

• The created_date is null (an old record that would have been uploaded to AIR)
• The updated_date is greater than the imm_datetime by 14 days

Oct 23 2021
Oct 23 2021
Oct 23 2021

Zedmed Version 33 - Available Now!

We're excited to announce that Version 33 is available!

ePrescribing is now available to all Zedmed clients.

As part of the accelerated rollout of ePrescribing across Greater Melbourne, ePrescribing has been activated for Victorian clients and can be enabled for clients located outside of Victoria.

This release also includes automated MIMS updates, SMS feature and item updates, trial license and multiple big fixes and enhancements to Zedmed.

Click here to learn more.

Oct 23 2021

Version 33 Coming Soon - ePrescribing General Release

In our recent updates, we discussed the industry-wide, planned rollout of ePrescribing functionality across practices and pharmacies, and how the Communities of Interest program was an important part of facilitating this. While this approach led to a slower rollout of the functionality, it gave pharmacies the opportunity to implement the dispensing software updates required, which would ensure patients would have a destination available to them to have their e-scripts dispensed from.