MIMS April 2020

30 March, 2020
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MIMS April 2020

The MIMS update for April 2020 is now available. Please follow the steps below to install this update:

  1. You MUST be on your Zedmed database Server.
  2. Download the MIMS file for Zedmed.
  3. Save the file to Desktop or other known location (It may take 30 - 60 minutes depending on your internet connection).
  4. Ensure all users LOG OUT of the Zedmed Clinical System.
  5. Double click on the file downloaded and apply the password provided by MIMS. Call MIMS on 1800 800 629 or (02) 9902 7770 to obtain the password.

*Special note* The PBS has sent an unexpected second data release to change some of the rules for Bortezomib to allow supply during the COVID-19 emergency.

The Streamlined Authority code for bortezomib EFC items 4732C and 7275X has changed from 7992 to 10338 and the criterion that limits up to 4 cycles of treatment with bortezomib under this restriction has been temporarily removed due to the current risk of COVID-19. This allows continuity of treatment with PBS-subsidised bortezomib in those patients whose transplant may be delayed at this time.

Please note that you will need to manually write this authority code on your prescriptions.

Click here to download MIMS for all versions of Zedmed.