Zedmed Version 30.4 Now Available

19 September, 2019
Posted in: Product release
Zedmed V 30

Zedmed version 30.4 is now available from the Zedmed website.  We anticipate this as being our last patch release until Zedmed version 31 hits next month.  Highlights of the release include:

  • INR/Warfarin dosing - INR dose fields in clinical via the Observation and Measurements screen are now accepting alphanumeric characters as in Version 29.3.
  • Invoicing - When re-invoicing, the account payer and doctor are now editable.
  • Patient Merge - We've made a number of enhancements to the patient merge function to improve its core capability and make it easier to edit the correct patient file.
    • Merge patient function has been significantly enhanced, you should now experience far fewer errors when performing a single patient or bulk patient merge.
    • Patient details of merged patients are now read-only.
    • Merged patients will be hidden from office and clinical search results, by default.  
    • Merged patient history is now read-only.
    • Users will be unable to "Quick Attend" a merged patient.
  • Archived Patients - The following enhancements are designed to reduce human error factors that may lead to editing a patient ID after it has been archived.
    • Icon added in Office and Clinical to more easily identify archived patients.
    • Archived or deceased patient files are now read-only.
    • Editing archived patient option added as a branch option.
    • Users will be unable to "Quick Attend" an archived or deceased patient.
  • Doctor's App - Fixed Error in Doctor's App: "Couldn't Get Data Response status code was unacceptable: 500."

The V30.4 upgrade file is located in the Zedmed client login section under 'software'.

We recommend you utilise an IT professional to perform your Zedmed update and follow the below instructions carefully.

Guide to upgrading Zedmed