‘Innovation inspired by healthcare professionals and patients.’

MediSecure is an independent and Australian owned company, established in 2009, dedicated to driving success and innovation in the digital health sector.  MediSecure provides standards-conformant electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP) for health professionals to improve dispensing speed and accuracy.  MediSecure is a government-approved prescription exchange service (PES).  Integrated with major GP and Pharmacy software and myHealthRecord.  Australia’s first Real-Time Prescription Monitoring system.


Phone: 1800 47 27 47
Fax: 03 9923 6789
Address: 127 Erskine Street, Middle Park VIC 3000
Email: enquiries@medisecure.com.au, helpdesk@medisecure.com.au
Website: https://www.medisecure.com.au/