Stock Management - Coming Soon!

16 June, 2021
Posted in: Stock Management
Stock management

We're excited to announce that a new stock management module will soon become available with the release of Version 34!

Automatically manage stock levels for vaccines, consumables, medications and disposable instruments to increase accuracy, improve reporting and enhance cost efficiency.


• Track stock by batch number and expiry date
• Record serial numbers of vaccine vials and instruments administered or used to the patient record
• Automatically adjust stock levels and add items to invoices when administered or used
• Produce a reorder list when stock gets low, including your preferred supplier’s contact details
• Manually adjust stock levels when stock has expired, spoiled, been lost or stolen with customisable adjustment reasons
• Barcode scanning support


 • Monitor stock, usage and margin so that stock sales become a profit centre
• Increase the accuracy of stock management and reporting
• Calculate the total cost and sale value of current stock
• Reduce errors when entering batch numbers and expiry dates for new stock, or when removing stock from inventory
• Facilitate auditing and project projections

For the latest updates on the upcoming release of Version 34 visit our website and follow our social media channels