Alteration in Zedmed Support Operations

16 March, 2020
Posted in: News
Zedmed announcement

In response to the escalation of the Coronavirus outbreak, in order to protect our team and to assist in community-wide efforts to reduce the spread of the virus, the Zedmed team will transition to a working from home model as of Tuesday, 17th of March.  We will continue operating this way until further notice.

This decision hasn’t been taken lightly, and while this represents a major change in our operating model, we have taken all steps required to ensure we are maintaining support services for our clients and are continuing to develop Zedmed.  The team are transitioning their workspaces over the next 24 hours and once the transition is complete soon expect to return to similar levels of serviceability as we were achieving prior to this change.

Our clients should expect to feel only minor impact from this change, and we anticipate this will mainly be during the initial stages of the transition.  During this period we ask that, if you have a non-urgent support request that you submit it through rather than the Helpdesk number.  This will allow us to best triage and respond to your request while we make this transition, and will reduce any frustration you may feel.  If you are experiencing a more serious issue or are just unsure then please do call the helpdesk line.

Our Helpdesk hours of operation remain unchanged, the details are as follows:

Phone – 1300 933 000


Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm

Saturday: 9am to 1pm


The Zedmed Team