Zedmed Telehealth (Coming Soon)

Why Zedmed Telehealth

Work remote

Tokenised payments

Clean UX

Real-time Data

Removing work from home barriers

Work remote and maintain high quality of patient care with Zedmed Telehealth.

Zedmed has everything you need to run your sessions from anywhere including an all new video calling feature built right into the software alongside your patient notes.

In addition to this you can utilise tokenised payments, 2-way SMS, SMS recalls plus the power and security of the Zedmed Cloud.

Switching to Zedmed has never been easier

Quote From our client Debbie

“We migrated to Zedmed Cloud earlier this year, which was a longtime in the making, but it has been a simple, smooth transition, with excellent support, enabling us to access Zedmed anywhere, anytime.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zedmed.”

Zedmed Telehealth FAQs

How can I ensure payment from my patients?

Zedmed Telehealth has built in payment tokenisation features thanks to our Online Appointments Bookings platform (OLA). This means that when someone books an appointment with you we make sure that their payment method has enough funds before the appointment begins.

How secure is Zedmed Telehealth?

Zedmed Telehealth utilises the security of our Zedmed Cloud product to ensure that each consultation is secure and that the data and notes from the appointment are meeting the strictest health standards. More on our security can be found here.