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Why Zedmed Cloud?


Seamless migration from most other platforms.


Access Zedmed anywhere, anytime.


Eliminate expensive IT costs.


Enhanced security and data protection.

Per-user billing

Built on a per-user subscription.

Benefit your entire practice with Zedmed Cloud

Switching to the cloud is easy with Zedmed

Quote From our client Debbie

“We migrated to Zedmed Cloud earlier this year, which was a longtime in the making, but it has been a simple, smooth transition, with excellent support, enabling us to access Zedmed anywhere, anytime.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zedmed.”


How does Zedmed Cloud work?

In the On-Premise model, workstations access a local server where your database is stored. With cloud delivery, your database resides in the cloud inside its own secure container. Your workstations access the database using a secure encrypted connection. For this reason, when describing cloud delivery, we talk about your database rather than your server.
Cloud technology uses secure facilities with layers of redundancy so that no single failure can cause interruptions or risk your data. Zedmed has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) who operate ISO 27001 certified data centres in Australia, within Australia’s legal framework. They provide the cloud hosting that Zedmed databases run on, and Zedmed itself manages those databases.

Diagram explaining how Zedmed cloud functions


  • Power, speed and functionality of the Zedmed application without the need for hosting on-premise
  • Flexibility to access the product anytime, anywhere and work remotely via an internet connection
  • Remove expensive IT infrastructure and costs
  • Eliminate the time and cost of IT staff or external contractors to repair and troubleshoot server issues
  • No risk of potential theft or damage to the server
  • No environmental dangers that could cause damage to the hardware
  • Easy transition and ability to convert practice data from most major competitors


  • Data is hosted and secured within ISO27001 data centres
  • All product updates, backups, disaster recovery and general maintenance is performed by Zedmed, including MIMS and fee file updates
  • Cloud hosting provides enhanced security and data protection

Migrating to Zedmed Cloud

If you currently run Zedmed on your own local server, moving to Zedmed Cloud is simple and seamless. Preparations are performed by Zedmed with limited interruption to your operations, and the switchover happens at an agreed time. If you have a non-Zedmed environment, we’ll migrate you to Zedmed Cloud as part of our full-service solution.
After the switchover, your staff and doctors can continue working as normal. They will not see any difference in the software.

Zedmed Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that delivers the efficiencies and savings of cloud technology to our customers. The expense and expertise needed to maintain your server become Zedmed’s responsibility, allowing your practice to focus on healthcare delivery.

Zedmed your way

Enjoy the same incredible feature packed software and the same amazing service delivered On-Premise or via the Cloud.

Zedmed Cloud FAQs

Is there a difference in functionality between Zedmed Cloud and On-Premise delivery?

Zedmed Cloud has the same modules and features as On-Premise, including integrations, online appointments eRx etc.

Are there additional costs for Zedmed Cloud?

No. The per user subscription includes everything. Our SaaS delivery is factored into the price, and you will never incur additional charges for data and bandwidth usage.

Where is my data stored?

It is stored in ISO 27001 certified data centres in Australia.

What would happen to my data if I stopped using Zedmed Cloud?

All Zedmed customers retain ownership of their data, and you will receive a full copy of your data if you stop using Zedmed Cloud. These assurances are all included in our Zedmed Cloud agreement.

Does Zedmed Cloud comply with privacy and security legislation across all states?

Yes. Zedmed Cloud data centres are in Australia and ISO27001 certified. They are compliant with data storage and privacy legislation and within the governance of Australian authorities.

Will we need to learn anything new?

Zedmed Cloud uses the same client as Zedmed On-Premise. How you work will not change. However, there are some additional cloud features that you can use.

Is my data segregated?

Yes. Every database in the Zedmed Cloud is segregated in its own cloud container.

How safe is my data in the cloud?

Zedmed Cloud delivers a level of physical and electronic security that’s beyond what a practice can provide. 2FA, encryption, firewall and web proxy technologies protect your connections and data.

Can the cloud provider claim ownership of my data?

No. The cloud provider only supplies cloud storage. You retain full ownership of your data.

Is my data backed up?

Yes. All databases are replicated to another data centre every 10 minutes. The databases are also backed up to a SAN every night, and those backups are kept for 7 years.