Clinical note-taking

Clinical note-taking is about capturing a patient’s health journey in a concise, organised, and accurate written record. It’s like a detective story, piecing together clues from their symptoms, medical history, examinations, and treatments to build a picture of their health. With Zedmed you can take general notes or utilise our wide range of clinical modules to record information about previous prescription, smoking use, observations, allergies and more.

Zedmed’s note taking functionality is great for:


Researching a patient’s history before an encounter starts.


Quickly and easily taking notes during an encounter.


Going back and adding or editing encounter notes post session.

Types of clinical note taking available in Zedmed

What is Zedmed note taking capable of?

Zedmed has very powerful note taking features including:

  • Text areas
  • Drawing on images and graphics
  • Camera capture
  • Clinical calculators
  • Measures & observations
  • Calculations
  • Shortcuts
  • Dictation