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Zedmed – practice management software

Zedmed is a powerful all in one software solution for health practices. As a leading provider of practice management software, we provide scalable, easy to use solutions available on premise or in the cloud.

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Loved in over 800 practices


Over 10000 practitioners are using our software

The Zedmed difference

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Dedicated to improving practice workflows

At Zedmed we work hard every day to ensure that our customers are using the most intuitive and bleeding edge medical software to run their practices.

Software designed for health professionals

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General Practice

Run your entire practice from our single all-of-practice software, including all clinical management and administrative duties.

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Scale Zedmed as your business grows, complete with personalisation options and integrations to suit your growing practice.

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Allied Health

Multi-location support and integrated clinical and management modules to maximise your practice productivity.

Partner integrations

Zedmed integrates with the most innovative software solutions on the market to give you a comprehensive, all-in-one management platform.

Client testimonies

Kildare Road Medical Centre

Kildare Road Medical Centre

I find Zedmed to be an affordable, robust, stable platform that meets every one of our clinical and administrative needs.

We have found the Zedmed team great to work with. The training and support for this set-up was exceptional and helped to facilitate a steady transition into our new facility.

Medical One

The medical one logo on Medical One building in Melbourne

Medical One has used Zedmed to manage its network of 12 general practices for more than 20 years.

Used by over 300 medical professionals, practice managers and administration staff, Zedmed has supported Medical One in becoming the leading primary healthcare provider across Victoria and South Australia.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Zedmed cost?

Zedmed charges on a per user bases. We also take into account whether those users are part time or full time. For a full breakdown on the pricing, contact us today.

Is Zedmed cloud based?

Yes, Zedmed is available on-premise and in the cloud.

Does Zedmed have eScripts?

Yes, Zedmed supports the delivery of eScripts through ERX. 

Is the data secure?

Yes, the data is securely stored in ISO 27001 certified data centres in Australia. 

Does Zedmed process claims?

Yes, Zedmed supports all claiming (Medicare, DVA, Eclipse).

Does Zedmed work on a mobile phone?

Yes, Zedmed has a Dr App to access the schedule and patient results.