Allied Health practice management software

We provide a full range of features perfect for Allied health practices

Day to day ease of use for any therapist:

  • Clean and easy-to-use scanning module for transfer of written notes
  • Broad, full-featured clinical module for direct entry of notes into patient records
  • Easy to apply colours to your progress notes in the history for easy viewing of content
  • Financial reporting can be customised for full reporting or broken down into groups,  for example consultations versus procedures
  • Easy to set up your own common medications list
  • Quick launch regularly used templates, such as medical certificates and other  customised documents or common reports
  • Patient Messaging Management with two-way SMS and Patient Reminders (Recalls)
  • Flexible appointment book
  • Prepare patients for telehealth appointments with a text reminder
  • Track referrals and receive status updates
  • History Notes are laid out in chronological order to view and track patient events
  • Batch-Letter-Writer for quick and convenient reply letters to GPs
  • Integrated Clinical and Management modules
  • Support for multi-location, allowing multiple centres to access the one database seamlessly.
  • Easy and effective multi-view layout of the appointment book.
  • Advanced Practice Reporting tools that allow detailed and flexible financial reporting.
  • Essential accounting functions suited to the needs of your practice.


  • A vast array of third party Integrations
  • Personalised Zedmed Online Appointments
  • Tyro Patient payments
  • Zedmed Telehealth (launching soon)
  • Stock management
Allied health worker performing physiotherapy on client's left leg

Batch Letter Writer

Scanning module

Drawing on images and graphs

Results Management


Doctor’s App



Zedmed’s suite of really useful office and clinical features

Clinical Features

Office Features

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  • Electronic prescribing
  • Allergy reminders
  • Drug warnings in real-time
  • NDE integration (SafeScript, ScriptCheck SA etc.)
  • eRx and Medicusre e-prescription integration
  • MIMS database
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Patient Management

  • Chronic disease management module
  • ICPC primary and specialist problem coding
  • Clinical histories
  • My Health Record integration
  • Pathology and radiology results management
  • Scanning module
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  • Secure messaging via HL7
  • SMS reminders
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Doctors Tools

  • Visual aids to assist in capturing patient conditions
  • The Doctor’s App
  • Templates
  • Compatible with all major voice recognition and dictation systems
  • Batch letter writer to streamline sending of referrals information
  • Fully PIPQI compliant
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Billing & Claiming

  • Streamlined billing and payments processing
  • Integration with payment providers for faster payments and rebates
  • Private, Medicare, DVA Paperless and Eclipse
  • MA Online claiming for private billing
  • Tyro integration for fast Medicare claiming
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  • Multi-location functionality
  • Electronic audits that record all changes
  • Intramail for easier intra-practice communication
  • Kiosk Integration – Healthsite/Jayex
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  • Financial, demographic and clinical reporting
  • Customisable reporting
  • Customise security levels by role
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  • Comprehensive doctor and resource scheduling management
  • Referral management Patient warnings
  • Cancellation waiting list
  • Two-way SMS
  • Online appointments system integration


Zedmed’s customised integrations reduced double handling for my busy Practice.