ZedSMS – Available Now!

Save your practice money with ZedSMS

Connect with your patients anytime, anywhere at the best price guaranteed – 9.5c or lower to beat your current rate!

Fast, reliable and secure, ZedSMS is the most effective and afforable way to communicate with your patients.

A phone lock screen with sms alert from the Zedsms application


2-Way SMS

Communicate with your patients in real-time

Answer basic questions

SMS messages, alerts and results

160 characters per SMS


Recalls & Reminders

Confirm, cancel or change appointments

Reduce no-shows

Bulk SMS

Scheduled SMS

Add ZedSMS from 9.5c or lower

All SMS is managed within Zedmed. Dedicated VIP top-up hotline. Australian based Tier One services – no data routed overseas. ISO 27001 certified.

ZedSMS is available now in Version 33.12 or above.

For more information download our guide on Moving to ZedSMS.

*Please note that pricing excludes GST and a minimum of 1000 credits must be purchased.