Zedmed Partner integrations

We’ve built Zedmed to be as agile as your operations. With an evolving collection of integrations available, you can create a seamless workflow to perfectly optimise your practice.

Streamline your workflow with Zedmed’s partner integrations

Zedmed is host to a huge collection of versatile partner integrations. Integrate Zedmed with any number of our partners for a seamless workflow.


Tyro Health Logo

Specially designed to integrate efficient billing and fast claiming capabilities with your practice, Tyro gives your patients flexibility over their payments.


Medicare Logo

Plug your practice into Medicare Web Services to give patients easy, simplified services. From ECLIPSE to Aged Care Online, PBS Online, AIR and DVA, Zedmed connects your operations to this new online model.



Australia’s most trusted drug reference system is now available on Zedmed, providing practitioners with on-demand information for prescription products.

Surgical Partners

Surgical Partners Logo

As one of the most trusted financial platforms for healthcare practices across the country, Surgical Partners connects to Zedmed for real-time admin management.


eRx Logo

eRx is designed and built for doctors, pharmacists and patients with the aim of providing e-Scripts to patients in a matter of seconds.

Medical Objects

Medical Objects Logo

As a suite of clinical applications, integration and messaging, Medical-Objects ties into Zedmed for improved workflow and practitioner communication.



Zedmed has joined forces with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) to better integrate the My Health Record system into the healthcare industry.

HealthLink Logo

Experience secure messaging that safely exchanges private patient information from one healthcare provider to another.


DVA Logo

Pensioners and veterans can access benefits through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) as part of your Zedmed suite.

My Health Record

My Health Record Logo

Access and update on-demand patient records and histories, as part of My Health Record and ADHA.


PenCS Logo

Pen CS provides primary care software for ‘population to patient’ management for PHNs, ACCHOs, private, government and not-for-profit organisations, and research institutes.


Telstra Health Logo

Reliably communicate confidential patient data efficiently and securely.


DermEngine Logo

An intelligent dermatology software for the imaging, documentation and analysis of skin conditions including skin cancer. Powered by AI, this smart dermatology system helps you manage your busy workflows with secure cross-platform access.

Specialists & Referrals

Specialists & Referrals Logo

Make electronic and manual referrals for free, simplifying your workflow and saving you time


HealthShare Logo

The HealthShare Specialist Referrals Directory reaches up to 90% of referring GPs. Highlight your practice locations, specialty, sub-specialties, special interest areas, languages spoken, and key services such as telehealth.



Health analytics for a better clinical practice and improved patient outcomes. POLAR.