Clinic reporting

Know how your business is running from every possible angle with transparent reports and intuitive insights. Get a 360-degree view of your operations, including outputs, inputs, financials and practice health. With Zedmed’s custom-tailored reporting features, you know precisely how your financials are tracking, giving your patients better outcomes and care.

Zedmed’s reporting functionality is great for:

Reports for anything

We have all the reports that your practice will need.

Easy to use

Our reporting interface is easy to find and generate the report you are looking for in an instant.

Advanced reporting integrations available

We integrate with popular reporting systems Surgical Partners, Polar, Cubiko (coming soon) and more.

Types of clinical reports available in Zedmed

Several hands working together to complete a colourful jigsaw puzzle

What reporting & analytics software integrates with Zedmed?

  • Surgical Partners
  • Polar
  • PenCS
  • Halo
  • Cubiko (Coming soon)
  • Primary Sense (Coming soon)