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MIMS provides rapid access to a range of highly sophisticated knowledge bases that, can identify when a medicine will interact with the patient’s current medications, health conditions, or known allergies.

The MIMS integration with Zedmed is just what every health professional needs:

  • Independent, high quality information
  • Internationally referenced
  • OTC and herbal medicines together with the prescription products
  • Australia’s most comprehensive source of Consumer Medicines Information
  • MIMS Product Identification Images – full colour images of tablets and capsules
  • Delivered quickly

MIMS Integrated gives you the ability to make critical treatment decisions with today’s vast range of medicines, with confidence, every step of the way.

The MIMS update is available on the 1st of every month for Zedmed Customers


These files are only available to authorised and subscribed Practices and Clinics

You will need your Zedmed log in to access it and you will also need your user password as sent to you by MIMs direct.


If you have recently upgraded to v35, you do not need to download the file as it will automatically be made available within your Zedmed system and only requires your MIMs password to access.


If you need further assistance with accessing this update in your Zedmed system our Knowledge base provides step by step guides here