Version 33 Coming Soon - ePrescribing General Release

17 August, 2020
Posted in: Version 33

In our recent updates, we discussed the industry-wide, planned rollout of ePrescribing functionality across practices and pharmacies, and how the Communities of Interest program was an important part of facilitating this. While this approach led to a slower rollout of the functionality, it gave pharmacies the opportunity to implement the dispensing software updates required, which would ensure patients would have a destination available to them to have their e-scripts dispensed from.
Since the last series of updates, much has happened, including the second-wave outbreak that has led to the Greater Melbourne area being placed into stage 4 lockdown. In response to these events, the ADHA, in conjunction with the various peak bodies have declared Greater Melbourne a large-scale Community of Interest.

This means that efforts to roll out enabled prescribing and dispensing software will be accelerated in this area, with a view to making this functionality available to all participants in Greater Melbourne as soon as possible. This is excellent news for practices dealing with the challenges of remote consulting and script management.

Zedmed has had ePrescribing functionality since V32, but because of the COI strategy it hasn't gone to general release. We currently have V33 in pilot, and will be making this version available to all Zedmed clients, whether they are located in Greater Melbourne or elsewhere, as soon as it passes the pilot phase. Therefore, if you wish to utilise ePrescribing functionality in this release, you can do so, albeit after undertaking some basic activations steps that will be detailed in a later communication.

While it's a significantly positive step to be moving into this phase of ePrescribing's release, it is still important to be aware that some of the same limitations that have existed in the last few months still exist now, so please take note of the following:

  • A major effort is underway to activate pharmacies, but at this point, not all will have the required software needed to dispense e-scripts. Please make sure you are aware which pharmacies near you have this functionality in place and communicate this with your patients. Unfortunately, there is no centrally-located list of e-script ready pharmacies available.
  • State-by-state laws vary on the requirements for e-Prescribing, so please ensure you are aware of the requirements for your location. Every effort has been made to ensure that Zedmed conforms to state-based requirements, but e-prescribing is a relatively new concept and the environmental situation is unique, so changes may occur.

We expect the V33 pilot to be completed in the next 7-10 days, however, it will be extended if we find issues that need to be addressed. We will communicate the progress of this release in the coming days.

To read more about the accelerated rollout of ePrescribing across Melbourne click here.

Download the Zedmed V33 Release Notes here.