What Software Do Medical Receptionists Use?

In the fast-paced environment of medical practices, efficiency is paramount for medical reception staff. From managing patient appointments to handling billing (including insurance claims) and administrative tasks, medical receptionists play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of a practice facility. Central to their daily responsibilities is the use of specialised software designed to streamline workflows and enhance patient care. 

But what software do medical receptionists use? In this article, we’ll exploring the features, and benefits of a top option used by medical receptionists. 

Medical Reception Features for Administrative staff 

Practice management software is designed to streamline administrative tasks, freeing up medical receptionists to focus on patient care. Key features include:  

  • Appointment scheduling and management  
  • Patient registration and data management  
  • Automated email and SMS notifications. 
  • Billing and claims processing  
  • Reporting and analytics  
  • Communication tools for patients and healthcare providers  

Zedmed: A Top Software Option for Medical Receptionists  

A leading practice management software in Australia, Zedmed offers a user-friendly interface, customisable workflows, and many integrations to make the software work for you. 

Medical Reception Software Zedmed, provides all the features admin staff need and more 

Zedmed medical software has two main interfaces, Zedmed Clinical and Zedmed Office. Zedmed Office is where reception staff will spend most of their time.  

By using Zedmed Office, medical receptionists can:  

Enhance the patient experience: Through efficient appointment scheduling and communication. Features like appointment reminders, two-way text messaging, and secure patient portals empower receptionists to keep patients informed and engaged. Zedmed keeps everyone on the same page, reducing missed appointments and improving the overall patient experience. Furthermore, when patients arrive at the practice for their appointment, reception staff can easily manage the Waiting Room and mark patients as in attendance to inform doctors of a patient’s arrival. Along with Zedmed’s Intramail, this ensures that patient wait times are kept to a minimum as everyone knows exactly when the next patient has arrived. 

Access valuable insights through reporting and analytics: Generate reports to track practice performance and identify areas for improvement. With Zedmed’s in-built reporting, receptionists can provide valuable insights to help you optimise your practice operations.  

  • The Zedmed daily reports include, Transactions GST Report, Attendances report, Appointments report and the Waiting Times report.  
  • Popular management reports include patients reports, recalls report, statistics report, referral doctor’s statistics, patient services report and the assistant services report.  
  • Key practice reports include referral doctors report, treating doctor’s report and the item report. 

Increase productivity and reduce administrative burdens: Zedmed uses shortcut keys, templates and two-way SMS notifications to maximise efficiency and accuracy for medical reception staff.  

  • The shortcut keys are a combination of up to three keys that give fast access to a variety of commonly used windows. There are a total of 9 shortcut keys ranging from F7 to quick attend a patient to F4 to open the patient search screen.  
  • Zedmed saves reception staff time is with office templates that can automatically populate fields such as name, address, suburb and Medicare number if you need to send a patient letter. 
  • Zedmed provides email and SMS notifications for patient appointments and recalls that can be easily reviewed at the practice level or within each patient’s record. SMS notifications include support for two-way SMS to capture patient confirmations. 

In addition to this, Zedmed boasts an extensive Knowledge Base focusing on administrative tasks for staff to quickly help themselves if they ever need it. Alternatively, staff can ask for a training session specifically on Zedmed’s office functionalities. 


Medical receptionists play a critical role in medical practices, and practice management software is an essential tool in their arsenal. By understanding the features and benefits, practices can make informed decisions about their technology investments. With the right software, medical receptionists can focus on delivering exceptional patient care while optimising practice operations. If you’re looking for a reliable and user-friendly practice management software, consider Zedmed for your practice. Take the first step towards streamlining your medical practice’s operations today! 

Last updated: 1 May 2024

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