Version 33.3 Update - Available Now!

16 September, 2020
Version 33

An update to Zedmed V33 is now available. This update contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements to Zedmed Clinical.

Electronic Prescribing Updates:

  • Improved the handling of errors when cancelling an electronic prescription.
  • Added functionality to cease an electronic prescription if the cancellation fails due to the initial script being dispensed. A cease will cancel any remaining repeats.
  • Upload script to Active Script List (My script list) functionality added that can be turned on remotely when this system becomes active.
  • Fixed an issue with permissions so that users who have access to Global Options can now see if electronic prescribing is enabled or not.

General Updates:

  • Fixed issue with TIFF images being duplicated in a letter when merging patient images.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing the creation of HL7 files when the original document created is a letter and not a referral.
  • Fixed issues with Claim numbers and the GST flag on the Return to Work SA report.
  • Fixed issue where the ATSI status was not being saved in some instances.
  • Fixed issue with Show prompt to create an event summary option.