Roll-out of Electronic Prescriptions in South Australia

26 November, 2020
Posted in: ePrescribing

On 25th November the ADHA announced that the national roll-out of electronic prescriptions will now be supported in South Australia. 

Electronic prescribing has been successfully implemented across Victoria and metropolitan Sydney to provide a safer and more convenient supply of medicines for patients.

Zedmed is working together with medical and pharmacy clinical peak bodies, Adelaide and Country SA PHNs, the Australian Department of Health and the ADHA to enable electronic prescribing for users across South Australia.

ePrescribing functionality is now available to all Zedmed clients with Version 33. 

You can prepare your practice for electronic prescribing by following the steps outlined below.

Step1. Ensure your Healthcare Identifier Service and Prescription Delivery Service connections are up to date.
Step 2. Contact our Support Team to activate electronic prescribing functionality.
Step 3. Communicate with local community pharmacies to ensure they are ready to write and dispense an electronic prescription (some pharmacies may require more time and resources to get their dispensing workflow ready). Patients may experience a delay in accessing their medicines including having to return to general practice for a paper prescription if this step is not undertaken.
Step 4. Stay informed - attend webinars, listen to podcasts and education sessions and access resources available from the Australian Digital Health Agency, Department of Health, PHNs or your relevant professional member organisation to learn more about electronic prescribing and how it works.

If you need assistance, our Support Team are available on 1300 933 000 from Monday to Friday 8:00am-7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-12:00pm.

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Join the Zedmed Training Team for our upcoming Lunch-n-Learns on ePrescribing on Wednesday 2nd and 9th December from 12:30-1:30pm. 

Wednesday 2nd December

Co-hosted by representatives from the South Australia PHN.

  • How to prepare your practice for electronic prescribing.
  • How to prescribe electronically.
  • Who to contact if you need support with set up.

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Wednesday 9th December ePrescribing guide for Doctors:

This will be a functional overview of how to prescribe electronically in Zedmed.

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