IMPORTANT 2 January MBS Fee File Updates includes a revision

20 January, 2022
Posted in: Fee File Update

MBS has provided TWO(2) new separate fee files which will both need to be run, which are now available on our website under the client portal.
The 1st one labelled as 1_MBS Revised 01Jan2022 replaces the file released on 23 December 2021. The file includes temporarily reinstating 75 telehealth and phone services to enable practitioners to support their patients during the current increase in Omicron COVID-19 cases.
The 2nd one labelled as 2_MBS Updated 01Jan2022 includes the updated rapid antigen testing to expand the service described in item 93715, which is for the assessment and management of a person with COVID-19 infection of recent onset.

When loading each file please ensure you are using the same date which is 01/01/2022 for each in order to have the correct start date. Please ensure you are loading them in order of the file name.

 Both files can be found under the January 2022 folder on the Zedmed website
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